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Announcing Arium RPG on Kickstarter!

Hey friends! Exciting news! I'm a stretch goal for Arium RPG!

What is Arium, you might ask? Simply put, it's a tabletop roleplaying game in two books, Arium: Create and Arium: Discover.

Against colorful fantasy backgrounds, art for Arium: Create (mostly red and orange) and Arium: Discover (mostly blue and purple)

The game designers at Adept Icarus describe it this way: Arium: Create contains our refreshing and intuitive system for creating your own Arium, and you'll do it in one or two hours! The Arium you create will be unique to your group, and we promise everyone will be in love with it. Create encourages folks to err on the side of awesome when collaborating to build their Arium, and the result is often surprising, but never disappointing! With a little work, you can take your resulting Arium and use it with any game system, or we've built in a seamless transition to our roleplaying rules found in Arium: Discover.

Arium: Discover will work with any world. Take your favorite TV series, your homebrew setting, or a movie/novel and quickly adapt to run it with Discover. Even better, build an Arium together using Arium: Create as a basis for your game. Arium: Discover builds on your universe by letting players take ownership of characters, items, and locations. Then, it's off to tell the story! Adventure, horror, and comedy are all on the table. Sci-fi, fantasy, and intrigue also possibilities! The streamlined d6-based system will feel familiar yet flexible.

But there's more!

After a FABULOUS launch yesterday, we’re currently at $5,326, which means we've unlocked a bunch of stretch goals already. Backers now will also get Arium: Bridge, a guide to adapting an Arium to use with other RPG systems. Alan Bahr will create Bridges to 5e, Fate, and TinyD6.

Unlocked stretch goals means backers also get Arium: Flash, a guide to adapting an Arium to different types of plots for quick game sessions. Each stretch goal author will provide five story seeds within a theme or genre that you can use to jumpstart your story.

And here's where I come in: I've been brought on as one of the guest authors for Arium: Flash! If we get to the 7k mark, you'll get all kinds of swashbuckling fun from me!

Find the Kickstarter here:

This is a wonderfully fun game, and I'm thrilled to be part of it. If you become a backer, drop me a note and let me know! I'd love to hear from you.

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