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It's (Almost) My Birthday. Time to Celebrate with a Geeky Giveaway!

I've got a birthday coming up next month, and under usual circumstances, this would mean gathering with friends for a game night and celebration. Covid means that's out this year, so what's a geek to do? Have an online celebration instead, of course!

But this is a birthday celebration with a twist. At this party, I'm giving the presents! Goodies from Geek Grind Coffee, DMsGuild, and Beholder's Gaze Dice are waiting to go home with three lucky geeks, just in time for the many holidays and special occasions happening in December. This is my way - our way - to say thank you for all the love you've shown me over the past year, and to bring a bit of joy your way as we count down to the end of 2020. It's been a rough year for so many many of us, and we all could use a few more smiles, I think. So what's included?

Beholder's Gaze Dice is giving one winner these two gorgeous sets of dice, with matching cards, from their exclusive Good and Evil line. Minim is a stunning light shimmery purple, and Soul Hunter is a rich, dark purple/black. If you're like me and love purples, this is the perfect duo for your dice collection.

Next up - a DMsGuild bundle! Years ago, my husband and I started a tradition of hosting a special gamenight for our friends sometime between Christmas and New Year's. It's always a one shot of sorts, a standalone holiday-themed adventure for our group that can and does fit into the greater campaign continuity, but welcomes to the table a few gamer friends who are typically only ever in town for the holiday. We treat them as guest stars, make a special dinner, have wintry, celebratory beverages, and just have a ton of fun making memories with people we love. This year, we can't do that in person, but we're still going to make our holiday special happen by gaming online together as we've been doing since March. To help you bring to life your own winter- or holiday-themed game this year, my friends at Ex Stasis Games and I are giving one winner a PDF collection of titles perfect for the occasion:

The ENnie nominated Book of Seasons: Solstices contains 20 original winter- and summer-themed adventures for D&D 5th edition, including one by yours truly that features my take on the famous figures of Grandfather Frost and the Snow Maiden. You'll find in it adventures for Tiers 1-4, each featuring unique art, from the creators of the Uncaged Anthology, Eat the Rich, and Friends, Foes, and Other Fine Folks.

Extraordinary Inns & Taverns, by Cat Evans and Liz Gist, is collection of strange, unique, and extraordinary taverns, with personalities all their own, set in a variety of locations from quaint villages to thriving cities and even deep down in the Underdark, with staff, regulars, services and adventure hooks, as well as isometric maps for each and every one. If your players decide that their characters are in the mood for feasting and revelry, with this supplement you'll be at the ready!

Of course, for many folks, the holiday season is all about shopping. Why should player characters miss out? Florentine’s Travelling Marketplace is a ready-made market you can drop into any setting or adventure. This caravan of travelling merchants moves from place to place, trading goods both mundane and magical. The Marketplace includes 13 vendors, plus entertainment, food and drink options. Each vendor comes with story seeds that can be used to make trading with them more than an exchange of gold pieces.

And the GRAND PRIZE? One of you will take home the Geek Grind Coffee Starter Kit, an incredible, perfect-for-gift giving, collection of Geek Grind's main roasts in sample sizes. Fuel your game nights with Wizard's Mist, Elder's Fathom, Elven Enlightenment, Dwarven Dawn, Dragon's Roast, Siege Fuel Espresso and Frost Giant/Cold Brew! There's something in here for every taste, and the art? Just as fabulous! This $39.99 value sample pack comes boxed and ready for you to give or keep.

Entering is easy. Just use the form below to get started. Giveaway ends on my birthday, December 9 2020, at 11:59 pm, Central US time. Good luck, and may all your rolls be with Advantage!

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