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Bundle for Buffalo: Games (and more!) for Racial Justice

Against a black background, the words BUNDLE FOR BUFFALO in large yellow letters; underneath, in smaller white letters, GAMES FOR RACIAL JUSTICE. To the left, enclosed in a red circle, a trio of raised fists: In the foreground, one Black fist, and behind it, one White fist and one Brown fist.

The mass shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo, NY on May 14, 2022 was a targeted hate crime in a Black community.

Words are not enough; "ally" is a verb — we must be actively anti-racist. And so, Leona Maple and I created a charity bundle to support the victims and survivors through providing funding for Black- and Brown-led grassroots social justice work in the Buffalo community. All proceeds will go to the Buffalo-based Black Love Resists in the Rust. Learn more and find the bundle here. Our initial goal for the #BundleForBuffalo is $10,000—1k for each of the lives senselessly taken. We know that each life is far more precious than any amount of money, however. This bundle is our way to help honor and remember them. I truly believe there in something in this bundle for everyone. For just $5 you'll get 180 games and other fun content (an almost $950 value!), from incredible creators like

  • Jacky Leung

  • Luca Barranco

  • Kate Bullock

  • Jessica Marcrum

  • Kienna Shaw

  • Alison Huang

  • SuperDillon

  • Rue Dickey

and many more! We're also working with fantastic partners who want to say thank you to folks who buy the Bundle for Buffalo: The folks at Action Fiction have a special gift for our supporters! Buy the Bundle for Buffalo at $25 or above, and they'll send you their 3 PDF bundle of Monsters of Murka, a 5e supplement. Next up is PossumPunks! Buy the Bundle for Buffalo for $200 or more and they'll say thank you with a Custom Fantasy Battlemap Commission of your choice!

With one week left, we've raised $4,234.01—42% of our 10k goal. Over the weekend, Leona and I sat down for an interview with Brent Jans to talk about the bundle, why we're doing it, and the incredible organization that the bundle is supporting. I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to talk about the bundle. As Brent notes in the piece:

At this point, I have done four interviews with charity bundle creators. I think it’s important that the community get to know the folks behind these bundles. Partially because I think they deserve a bit of spotlight for organizing support for the causes they believe in. But also to show that these organizers are you or me. They aren’t celebrities, they are gamers and GMs just like you and me. Any one of us can do this if we find a cause dear to us in need of support.
What sadly sets this bundle apart from the others I’ve covered is that it has not yet fully funded. Lynne and Leona speculated a bit about why that might be above. I’d like to believe that our community can still rally behind this and get it to its goal. I would hate for the people of Buffalo, forced to continue on in the wake of this tragedy, to miss out on any support we can give them. Especially since similar gun-fueled tragedies have occurred in the month since the Buffalo shooting.

Find the full interview here.

The Bundle for Buffalo is available through June 20, 2022 on Please spread the word, and help us meet our 10k goal.

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