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Coming soon to DriveThruRPG: UNBREAKABLE Anthology

Thrilled to be one of the editors for UNBREAKABLE - a new collection of 10 original Asian-inspired adventures for D&D 5e written & illustrated by Asian #OwnVoices creators, coming soon to DriveThruRPG!

Book covers showing a smiling creature in black robes, framed by a decorative green border, with the word UNBREAKABLE at the top in large, yellow letters. To the left of the book covers, against a black background, is white text that reads: "UNBREAKABLE: A 5e Asian-Inspired Anthology Coming Soon to DrveThruRPG"
UNBREAKABLE Anthology advertising banner

The authors in the #UnbreakableAnthology are SO GOOD, friends. And the art!! 💚 (*swoon*) You don't want to miss this. Follow the hashtag #UnbreakableAnthology on Twitter and Instagram for updates, art teasers, and to learn about the project's team of wonderful writers, artists, editors and more.

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