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Now Drinking: Geek Grind Coffee - Review and Announcement!

Folks who know me know that I absolutely love, and live on, great coffee. I also believe in supporting local businesses whenever possible, and supporting those that are ethical in their practice. Geekery is a bonus.

You can imagine, then, that I was delighted to discover Geek Grind Coffee, a Chicagoland-area family business that's been producing great brews for 40 years.

Geek Grind Coffee logo

Geek Grind Coffee is sourced directly from nearly 1000 farmers and their own farms, high in the remote western mountains of Colombia. Working with these micro-farms allows Geek Grind to build relationships with the farmers they count as their friends and neighbors. What does this mean? Ecological protection as well as social advocacy for their farmers and the community of growers. Geek Grind supports local schools and infrastructure, and actively empowers women in the coffee industry by investing in industry training and women in management positions in Colombia.

And of course, Geek Grind is true to their name, with an array of wonderfully geeky coffees and merch in their shop. In my home game, we're playing Pathfinder 1e, so I especially appreciate their selection of Pathfinder-themed blends. Looking for Pathfinder goodies is actually how I found Geek Grind's site! Last Christmas, I gave my husband - our GM, a coffee fanatic and T-shirt collector - a super fun tee with the Pathfinder goblin on it. I can't wait to share with hubby all the geeky goodness here, like their Goblin Gulp medium roast.

A green 12-ounce bag of coffee with the Pathfinder goblin drinking coffee.

But because this is October, and I'm in a witchy mood, I decided to start my Geek Grind collection with a limited edition, micro-lot blend they call Witch's Brew. I usually go for medium, or medium-dark, roasts, but this dark roast - described as having tasting notes of "red fruits, tangerine, red wine, caramel, dark chocolate and slightly scorched brown sugar" - sounded too good to pass up. And of course, I couldn't say no to something that also looked this good. (Yes, I'm an unapologetic cat lover.)

A black 12-ounce bag of Witch's Brew coffee, with a black cat sitting in front of a dark moon. A jack o lantern sits nearby.

I couldn't wait to open Witch's Brew when it arrived yesterday. I had to take a sniff. Right away, my nose was greeted by the caramel, chocolate, and brown sugar notes. Hubby said he also detected the red fruits.

I'm brewing a pot of this today to enjoy during our home game, but first I had to have a pre-game cup so I could come here and tell you all about it.

Friends, I was not disappointed. I'm picky about my dark roasts, and this absolutely lived up to my expectations. This aptly-named blend is perfect for the Halloween season, or any time of year when you want something a little more on the intense, complex side.

I. Am. A. Fan. This brings me to my announcement!

I love Geek Grind Coffee so much that I'm now a Geek Grind Coffee Ambassador! This means that I have a new way for you to support the work I do. Simply make a purchase from the Geek Grind website via my special link (, and at no extra cost to you, I'll earn a commission. You get great coffee, and help me to keep creating the content you love!

If you want to try Witch's Brew, or one of their other wonderful limited-run blends, hop on over before they sell out. And as a bonus: right now, you can use code GeekIsGood to save 20% off your first order!

Coffee lovers, let me know what you think when you try it. I'd love to hear more about what's in your cup.

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