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Support LGBTQ+ creators with the Trans Witches are Witches bundle now on!

Blue and yellow poster for the Trans Witches are Witches bundle, styled after a legally distinct wizard IP. The bottom text reads, "$60, a bundle of magic LGBTQ+ games, zines, and music."

Looking for actually awesome witch games with NO transphobia? I've got great news!

Pick up the Trans Witches are Witches bundle and you’ll get great stuff by me & a whole bunch of amazing queer creators. Find tabletop games, digital games, zines, and more!

- 69 magical works from LGBTQ+ creators

- a $308 value, for just $60 (or the price of one AAA wizard game)

- proceeds split evenly between participants

There’s also a $10 Apprentice price tier version of the bundle for folks experiencing financial hardship. The bundle is available until Feb. 24, 2023.

Hosted and curated by KRITIQAL. Banner by KRITIQAL.


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